Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Will the Rock be able to Kick John Cena's Ass or will Cena FU the Rock

Both The Rock and John Cena are ready to go at Wrestlemania. Things have really heated up between the two and the wwe fans can't  wait to see them fight. After a long year at last the fight between these two is about to take place. Both the two have their own huge fan following and both are big names in the wwe but still only one man will be victorious at Wrestlemania. The Rock is a legend in wrestling and he's also a famous Hollywood star and he has returned to the wwe just for this match so the way I see it The Rock definitely has to win this match as his image is on the line so most probably he will be victorious. On the other hand John Cena called The Rock for this match just to prove that the wwe still misses the Rock and he should return so Cena may lose it to the Rock and still will be considered a good guy as his intentions were just to make The Rock realize that he should be part of wwe. So I believe as Cena doesn't really have much to lose so The Rock will be the winner.
But still Cena can't lose clear cut from the Rock after all that nasty stuff he said to The Rock and the over confidence he was showing in himself. Now with all this action taking place in the wwe there is another new interesting thing and that is Lord Tensai. Well now this guy is a new face of Raw and has created allot of drama and promo of himself but he is not part of Wrestlemania 28. So such a superstar would definitely want to make an impact and wreslemania is the perfect stage for this. Already this week on Raw this new superstar Lord Tensai gave a message in Japanese to the wwe universe that he is here with a mission and everyone should be beware from him. Maybe this guy is going to interfere in the John Cena and Rock match to get into the spotlight. He might interfere and hit a finisher to Cena and go away starting a new rivalry from there and The Rock may get an advantage or even win due to this interference.

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