Sunday, 25 March 2012

Will "Dead Man's" streak End at Wrestlemania 28

 The question that is rolling in the mind of every WWE fan at the moment is "Will the streak end?", will the dead man's era end? will the King of Kings, the cerebral Assassin will RIP the legend Undertaker? Nobody really knows the answer to this question and everyone is waiting to see what will be the result of this match. Both Triple H and Undertaker are great WWE superstars and they will be facing each other at Wrestlemania in Hell in a cell match. Both superstars faced each other in the last Wrestlemania and the whole WWE universe saw the outcome that The Undertaker was victorious and "The Game" failed to end the streak. It was a intense match and there was chaos in the ring but still Undertaker ended up winning. But one fact that we all know is that though Triple H lost it but "The Game" was the one who was on ground and left the building on his own feet after the match. For once the Undertaker was not able to leave the ring on his own feet and had to be carried on a stretcher. Now  both the superstars will collide again and this time there will be more destruction and hell will unleash in the ring as it is a "Hell in a cell match".
Now people another interesting thing about these two superstars and Hell in a cell is their history in this kind of match. As far as I know both men are the best in this match and both have faced a number of big superstars in this match type and both the men have always been victorious and just lost once in their career. I remember the Undertaker losing once in a Hell in a cell match against Brock Lesner and Triple H losing a hell in a cell against Batista. So you can expect anything in this match from these two.
Now the twist in this match is HBK who is known as the show stopper, and at multiple times HBK has been stealing the show with his surprise. HBK will be the guest referee in the Hell in a cell match so the WWE fans should be ready for some serious surprise.HBK has been a guest referee on many occasions and every time he has done something crazy that affects the natch result. All the WWE fans would be thinking of all the possibilities of this match and what I think is that the streak won't end and the dead man will be victorious. But the question is that how will this be possible. The way I see it HBK will play a major role in this match and maybe it will be a draw due to count-out. I believe Triple H might hit the Undertaker with a finisher or it might be vice versa and when he would get up HBK would hit him with a sweet chin music and both opponents (Underatker and Triple H) would be laying unconscious on the ground and would count out for a draw. And this won't be over just like this guys... at Wrestlemania 29 the main event would be a Triple threat match ( maybe Hell in a cell) Triple H vs Undertaker vs HBK......... with the streak online to determine the best among them. So thats from me, I'm sure you guys might have something else in mind so share with us what you are expecting at Wrestlemania.

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