Tuesday, 1 May 2012

John Laurinaitus vs John Cena at "Over the Limit"

On this latest edition of Raw as Cena came out to the ring with his injured arm to celebrate his victory at extreme rules against Brock Lesnar. John Laurinaitis interrupted and in a short time Lord Tensai's entrance music was hit and Cena found himself between 3 people Laurinaitis, Tensai and his manager. They all attacked Cena and Lord Tensai very brutally beated Cena and especially tried to hit him more on his injured arm. Cena was totally manhandled by the three. John Laurinaitis called for a match at the WWE upcoming event over the limit and it will be John Laurinaitis vs John Cena. The way I see it most probably Laurinaitis might end up winning that match as he will change the rules and use the best of his GM powers to win that match and that could also mean interference from outside. Another possibility might be that John Cena would overcome all the barriers and still end up winning the match and then Laurinaitus would further make Cena's life difficult and in the end it might get to a "I quit" match or something on those lines where the loser would have to quit and maybe that is how Laurinaitis would forcefully have to leave the WWE.

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