Monday, 9 April 2012

Where is Dave Batista???

Its been a while since Batista has left the WWE and hasn't returned and all WWE fans are curious to know where is he gone and why isn't he coming back. Well guys after going through his recent interviews and some news on him it has been known that Batista's contract with the WWE expired and the WWE didn't renew the contract with him and Batista himself has also got tired performing in the WWE as he said in an interview that this is not what he really signed for and WWE is entertainment and is sort of kids-friendly and this is not what he wants,, he wants real fight and for that he has joined a MMA company known as Strikeforce. These days Batista is busy training for his MMA debut and along with that he has a gym sort of a thing that he used to use for personal training but now has opened it for public aswell. But the good part is that he does have plans to join the WWE again in the future.On the other hand WWE has been trying to find a replacement for Batista and they and given Ryan Mason that spot and have added him in the main roster list. If you observe it guys Ryan Mason tries to copy Batista. He has a similar built (body) like Batista and even tries to keep the same appearance like Batista. Despite all the similarities still Batista cannot be replaced as he is a hell of a superstar and is one of the amazing athletes of WWE.


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