Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Brock Lesnar attacks Triple H

It seems that this 266 pound animal, Brock Lesnar doesn't really fear anyone and he proved this by attacking Triple H today on Raw. John Laurainitus came out to the ring and was speaking about his greatest action of bring back Brock Lesnar to the WWE so Lesnar also joined him and as he just started talking about the extreme rules match against John Cena, the WWE COO Triple H came out and stated clearly to Lesnar that he is no different than the other superstars and he is not bigger than the WWE so no special demands of Lesnar will be met and the things that are in his contract with the WWE will only be followed. Lesnar couldn't take it anymore and attacked Triple H and broke his arm with a devastating Kimura lock.Triple H had to be carried away with the help of superstars and WWE personals. In a month Lesnar has picked up another fight and this time he has picked Triple H. Lesnar seems to be in a destruction mood, every time he gets into a fight with someone he tries to put some serious damage on the opponent. At extreme rules he punished Cena so bad that his arm got hurt and other than that he needed some serious medical attention. But this time Lesnar has crossed the line by attacking the WWE COO Triple H and breaking his arm. I believe very shortly maybe in the upcoming PPV WWE universe will see the cerebral assassin return and take his revenge on Lesnar and this might be in a no rules match or a Hell in a Cell.

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