Monday, 9 April 2012

The Mystery of Lord Tensai

Most of the WWE fans have been searching this all over the internet that who is this new superstar Lord Tensai and what is his background. We have done some research on him and here is some useful info for you guys on this new WWE superstar Lord Tensai. Lord Tensai is a japanese warrior and before coming to the WWE he was in Japan, trained there and wrestled in a local Japanese wrestling company (known there as Giant Bernard) and now he is here in the WWE with some ambition. But an interesting fact that most people don't know about him is that Lord Tensai is a former WWE athlete and has fought in the WWE under different ring names like Prince Albert and A-Train. The guy is big and heavy and in the past has done some serious damage to WWE superstars and have given them a tough time but he couldn't stay in the spotlight for a longer time. The WWE has officially told that Lord Tensai     ( orignally known as Matt Bloom) left WWE and went to Japan and there he trained hard and has adopted the Japanese culture and now represents himself as Japanese warrior. This week on Raw Lord Tensai totally dominated and destroyed Alex Riley so it seems that this guy has got stronger and more destructive over the years and he would soon blast on some WWE superstar. The fans would love to see this man going one on one with the dead man or maybe the world's strongest man "Mark Henry".

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