Thursday, 22 March 2012

Things getting hotter this week on Raw (before Wrestlemanai)

Wrestlemania is so close and things in WWE are heating up more. The rivalries are getting bitter and competition is getting intense for Wrestlemania. Talking of Wrestlemania, now this week on Raw Triple H, HBK, and Undertaker had a heated confrontation where HBK didn't make any predictions on the Undertaker and Triple H match result but he did say that like always he will steal the show. So I suppose shawn has given a hint to the WWE fans that he might be doing something crazy in the main event. Triple H and Undertaker joined HBK and during all that Underatker declared that HBK was the better man in ring than The game. So guys this match will definitely be a classic and there will be a surprise for the fans for sure.

On the other hand The Rock and John Cena rivalry is also getting interesting. Earlier on Monday John Cena was involved in a car accident and later on Raw Cena faced the world's strongest man , Mark Henry. Cena received a good beating from Mark Henry  but in the end was victorious. As the match ended the people's Champ The Rock came out and hit Mark Henry with a rock bottom, and both men stared into each others eyes making it clear that it will be an epic battle and they both are ready to go through anything to taste the victory at Wrestlemania.

Lord Tunsai is the upcoming new face of Raw. From the promotion videos seen on Raw it seems that this superstar will be the upcoming most talk-able topic at Raw and it has already gained allot of popularity among the fans as they are anxious to know who is this new superstar. Some unofficial channels have disclosed that Lord Tunsai is a former WWE superstar "A-Train" also known as Albert. Anyways the addition of this superstar in the Raw roster will make the show further entertaining. So lets see what this new superstar has for the WWE fans.

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