Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Here Comes The Pain (Lesner)-back to WWE

It's true everyone, here comes the pain. The 300 pound Animal is back once again to the WWE and showed this week on Raw and dominated the show. The best part is that Lesner just appeared this week and made an impact by hitting an F5 to one of the WWE's biggest and the fans favorite superstar John Cena.
John Cena came out to speak on the great historic match at Wrestlemania that he had with The Rock and right in between the music played giving goosebumps to the WWE Universe and Brock Lesner came out with his usual entrance. Lesner moved his hand forward for a hand shake and as Cena was about to shake hands Lesner picked him up on his shoulders and delivered a stunning F5 that shook the WWE Universe. But the question on everyone's mind is that why did Lesner attack Cena and what's on his mind? and other than that an important concern that I have personally is that, is Lesner back to WWE and will stay here for long? or is it just a small teaser and he will go again and all the WWE Universe will have to wait for a whole year to see these two great athletes Cena and Lesner fight at the next Wrestlemania. Nobody knows but the WWE Universe would really like to see more of Lesner. Things are maybe about to change in the WWE.

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