Sunday, 25 March 2012

Who will be the last surprise member of Theodore Long and John Laurinaitis's teams at Wrestlemania

Wrestlemania 28 will be one electrifying and mind boggling event with many exciting and historic matches. One match that everyone is anxious to see is the 12 man team match where the team of Smackdown Gm will collide with the team of John Laurinaitis. Both Theodore and John have revealed 5 of their team members out of six so far. Theodore Long's team includes Santino(captain), Kofi Kingston, Zack Ryder, R-Truth, and The Great Khali. On the other hand John's team  includes David Otunga (captain), Jack Swagger,Dolph Ziggler, Christian, and Mark Henry.
Now the interesting part about this is that both the teams have to disclose their last member and so far there is no news about any addition in the two teams and only a few days are left for Wrestlemania. There is a bright chance that both the teams are keeping their last members as a surprise for the WWE fans to create more excitement as the 6th man could be anyone maybe a former WWE superstar, ECW, or even a TNA superstar like Kevin Nash, Sting or Kurt Angle as anytrhing can be possible in WWE. But my personal guess about the last man surprise is that the 6th man in John's team might be " Lord Tensai" as he is the new star of Raw and would definitely want a shot at Wrestlemania in a special match and this would be the perfect opportunity for him. From Theodore Long's team the 6th man that I am guessing would be Rey Mysterio for sure. Rey has been out of action due to his knee injury and has not been seen in action for 6 months or so. Wrestlemania is the perfect time and stage for Rey to make a comeback and start rocking the ring with his high flying awesome moves. So that's my view let's see what happens at Wrestlemania. If you guys have any such views or you wanna predict something else share with us.

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