Monday, 9 April 2012

Brock Lesner and John Cena Collide

The golden days of WWE are back as the 3 times WWE champion, former MMA heavyweight champion, and UFC heavyweight champion., the animal Brock Lesner is back to the WWE. Without wasting anytime, last week Brock Lesner came out and hit Cena an F5 and as result of that yesterday on Raw there was a brawl between the two. The new GM of Raw and Smackdown called out Brock and as Brock just started talking by thanking John (GM of Raw),  he was interrupted by John Cena and Cena came out and slapped Lesner. After getting slapped Brock totally got wild and attacked Cena and both men went for each other. Both men were so hungry for each others blood that the whole locker room had to come out to separate the two and stop them. The end result was that both men were separated and Cena was left bleeding from his lips and it has been decided that these both will face each other in an extreme rules match. Lesner doesn't only have the WWE in ring experience but is also an MMA and UFC trained athlete and he has dominated in those formats as well so Cena should expect some real tough and brutal competition. I believe this fight will be more exciting and electrifying than the Cena vs The Rock match at Wrestlemania. WWE is getting more and more exciting just like the old times.
                                Watch Brock Lesner and Cena Brawl on RAW

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