Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Cena faces Lord Tensai in Extreme Rules

This week, earlier on Raw John Laurinaitis announced that there will be a surprise opponent for John Cena in an extreme rules match. The surprise opponent was non other than the unstoppable destructive 350 pounder Lord Tensai. The match was epic and Cena fought really well against the Japanese warrior in the extreme rules match. On many occassions Cena got control over Tensai but every time Cena got in control there was interuption from Otunga. The fight still continued and Cena kept on resisting and fighting back but Otunga interfered again and settled for an attitude adjustment. Right after that Lord Tensai got his chance and he sprayed green mist in the eyes of John Cena and delivered a massive powerbomb to John Cena and won the extreme rules match. After the match was over Cena's eyes were still burning and he was attended by a doctor. So this was all for this weeks extreme rules match folks. I'm sure Cena is about to get into a more severe condition than this as he will shortly fight the former MMA and UFC Animal, "Brock Lesner". By the way the way it has also been announced that next week on Raw it will be a special 3 hours show.

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